Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Portrait of a Flowerman

Still on the hectic run across the sub-continent. From Kathmandu to Chitwan to Darjeeling to Calcutta to Sunderbans to Mumbai in less than 2 weeks. As of next week we're officially slowing down in Goa so I'll be able to catch up with my shots and posts and tweets and everything else. For now, enjoy this portrait of a flower merchant from Calcutta.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Back from the mountain

So here is the first entry in nearly a month and here is the reason for the delay. Three weeks on the trek in the Everest region and one week afterwards of resting and traveling from Kathmandu back to India. Didn’t really have much time to turn the computer on.

The trek was amazing and no matter what “trekkers” say about Everest trek being too busy and not being what it used to be, the views are stunning and standing underneath the highest mountain in the world is awe inspiring even if you do have to share the view with few dozen Western Europeans.

After a full week of walking and reaching considerable altitude of over 5000m you still have to look up because this peak is towering another 3500m above you.
Everest is not the prettiest mountain in the Himalayas, Nuptse (7861m) which stands in front of it, and hides it from the view once you reach the Base Camp, is much more impressive with its snowy peak and icy steep walls, but still, Everest is the main attraction which thousands of people come to see every year.

As we continue our trip – currently we’re stuck in a cloud in Darjeeling, great tea but no views so far. I will sort through the 1000+ shots I brought back from the trek and show of some of my favorites here in the Darkoroom.